Sunday, January 07, 2007

lovin myspace

Yep - we have got into the myspace craze - one might say 'der!' it's about time... Lovin all the endless hours getting new friends and checking out their sites. A+ from merchantdesigns...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Connections Network Forum nights gives ALL creatives a place to gather, chew the fat, share ideas, get inspired and get networked. It doesn't matter if you're a studio owner, art director, designer, illustrator, packaging specialist or whatever your creative interest, this is for YOU!
The next event features Richard Henderson, a leading Australian design professional with an international reputation - and is on 22nd November at South Yarra's Sanctuary Bar.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Demo Magazine

We just heard about this great new mag. Check out Demo magazine online .. We can't wait to buy a copy!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

dj divide

The life of a DJ is no picnic - but they sure do love what they do.
Pictured is a beautiful 00 DJ TABLE with teak veneering created by master craftsman Reynold Rodriguez.
An up and comer on the Melbourne urban scene is DJ Divide - who we caught up with at a private function on the weekend...

jeans for genes

Friday 4th August is Jeans 4 Genes Day. We @ merchantdesigns love getting into our denim to support the cause. Don't forget to mark it in your diaries...

doing it for the kids...

Aussie Designers have found an opening in the market.
It seems a very popular trend at the moment, with famous Aussie designers like Collette Dinnigan and Alannah Hill announcing the release of their first ever childrens wear range.

For wanna-be trendy mums, this may be a cheaper alternative to designer shopping, with Dinnigan dresses starting at an RRP of $76.95, it may seem more affordable to dress up their kids, than dress up themselves...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

bargain boots

The bargain boot for the Winter 06 season has to be Pierre Fontaine's Asmina.
We all want a pair in black and chocolate right now!

lee supatube

We love, love, love lee supatubes!
Here are the colours that are scattered around our studio:
And don't despair : there are many more pairs to come...

wearable men's Versace

Even flamboyant Versace offered a wearable, casual menswear collection at Milan's fashion week, which we think is awesome.
Versace's spring-summer 2007 men's show included several female models in silvery mini-dresses, smuggling women's handbags into the display -- a major money factor for the house as it expands its highly profitable accessories line.
Doesn't the soccer theme work really well, especially since it's being tied in with this years World Cup. But best of all - the gold balls added that premium value to the range aswell...

fashion net

fashion net is a site that we checked out quickly today. It has good links to fashion mags - however most are American. Worth a peek...

Burmese House

Bridge Rd's Burmese House is often packed full of diners, munching on dishes ranging from authentic regional curries, marrow fritters with tamarind dipping sauce and more familiar-sounding stir-fries.
We recommend the potato curry (mild-medium)....

Josh Goot

We love Josh Goot.
His story is inspiring to all us designers here @ merchant.

Josh Goot was born in Sydney in January 1980.
Graduating high school in 1997, Josh spent the majority of 1998 in Europe and the Middle East where he was exposed to new people, sights and ideas. This was a period of personal growth and development and he returned to Sydney invigorated and keen to participate in an exciting and changing world.
Josh commenced a Media Art & Production degree in 1999 at Sydney’s UTS, but his focus and attendance did not last the length of the course. Instead, after an inspirational stint in New York in late 1999, he decided that his interest in media and communication would manifest through fashion. Platform Clothing, a directional street-wear brand was established in 2000.
In late 2004, Josh Goot embarked on a self-titled venture. The launch season introduced the ‘tailored comfort’ concept. The idea reflected the fusion of a t-shirt and a traditional suit and was met enthusiastically by the local market and industry.
In April 2005, his debut collection won him the Tiffany & Co. Young Designer of the Year Award and generated much interest in his fresh approach and ‘future smart’ ideology.
The following season saw a marked evolution and elevation in the look and established the growing label as a new force in Australian fashion.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Break Up

One of our chicks here @ merchantdesigns went and watched The Break Up last night at Hoyts Victoria Gardens.
Feedback: Great movie - the worst ending ever!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Doing Bird

We stumbled across a funky named magazine on the web called Doing Bird. But does anyone out there know where we @ merchantdesigns can get our hot little hands on a copy? Does it still exist? Hope someone out there knows...